Brooklyn native and now Rye, NY resident, Robert Sammon, singer songwriter, has a new and diverse solo record out, “The Hurt.” 

Streaming on Spotify, Apple, You Tube, etc., this record is guaranteed to hit a nerve with anyone with a pulse. Combining heartfelt lyrics with catchy hooks, and all supported by a cast of amazing musicians, this LP is a serious record that deserves to be heard. 

You won’t find a weak track among the ten, which makes this an especially appealing LP. 

GE Smith, guitarist for Hall and Oates, SNL bandleader, and touring guitarist for Bob Dylan, rips solos that remind you what music Rock Music ought to sound like. Emotion just pours out of him. He’s truly one of the greats! 

Jon Cobert, who played with John Lennon among many other greats, deftly plays his keys, supporting all of what Sammon is trying to say....and more. Jon is a serious artist with an endless set of musical skills. 

Lincoln Schleifer pulses through the entire LP with spot-on delicious bass lines. He’s so deep in the pocket, he’s covered with lint! 

Josh Dion, one of the best drummers around, hammers along, doing just what is needed to let this beauty move along. A gifted musician indeed. 

Joe DiGiorgi, Producer, has helped to make this a fine record! He also plays a lovely guitar, and he offers terrific backup vocals! His various, impressive talents in what can only be called an “all-around- strong-solo effort” here are obvious. 

Rob Sammon, writer, lead vocals --and rhythm guitar--is grateful to have had the other talented individuals accompany him with their instruments and voices on “The Hurt.” 

Gregg Schettino - rhythm and lead guitars

Sandy Wollman - guitar 

Matt Graff - select drums 

Anna Jacobson - violin 

Vita Isabella - vocals

Cassidy Laden - vocals 

Rob hopes to get his tracks considered for movie syncs, video games, and to collaborate more with gifted songwriters. 

Go listen, and you’ll keep listening!
The Hurt, released 3-1-23 
Now available on Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube
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